Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lookie What I Did!

I had to take a break from my photo challenge to share my latest craft project. I love crafting but since we aren't in our own home right now it has been hard for me to find projects to work on.

A friend of mine "pinned", you know on that fabulous website, a photo of how to use scrapbook paper to customize your cell phone cover. Well long story short, the "how to" wasn't really what it I started searching for an idea on how to do it. What did I find? Mod Podge!!! So I took fabric covered an existing cell phone cover that I am burnt on, covered it in mod podge and am quite pleased with the outcome. Interested?? Here's how I did it!

Phone cover before:
I took the cover and traced it on a piece of paper, to get a good stencil. I was careful to trace all the "openings" like where the charger goes, etc. Then I cut out the "stencil" and used that to trace on the fabric with.
Once I had the fabric cut out, I applied Mod Podge ALL over the cover getting a good coat on there. Then I applied the fabric to the cover, was VERY careful to match up the openings. I used a small paint brush to get into the small openings.

I then spread Mod Podge all over the fabric. I was very careful to make sure that every single threat was covered. Then I did one big coat over the whole thing.

After I let the Mod Podge dry for about 45 minutes, I took toe nail sissers to trim extra "fly away" threads.

Ta Da!!
I am very excited about it and very happy how it turned out. I cannot wait to customize my cover more often!!

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