Monday, July 25, 2011

My Knots Explanation

As promised I wanted to share the link to Abby's hair tutorials. Here you can find SO many cute hair styles. She has amazing hair and offers great tips and advise regarding hair.

I am trying so hard to grow mine out, but I typically get sick of it at the stage it is at right now and cut it off again. But because I am really trying to grow it out I thought doing a "30 day hair challenge" would *hopefully* get me excited about having long hair and keep me interested in my hair instead of getting mad and bored with it. So today I started the challenge. I did not do mine in the order of Abby's because I am also trying to skip a day of washing "YUCKIE" (in Brody's voice) I know but I have read several places that it is actually very healthy for your hair. So I have planned out my hairstyles to accommodate the wash/no wash days :) for example today was a "clean day" so I wore it semi-down. Tomorrow will be a "dirty day" so I will have as much of it up as I can.

I thought today's hair style turned out reall cute so I took multiple self pics. Which by the way came from my camera so I apologize for the poor quality in advance. But I hope you can see the detail in the pics...super cool hair style! Thanks Abby :)

*Yes, the pics were taken sitting at my desk...come on its the first time I sat down all morning! My first few 15 minutes, while my computer takes FOREVER to boot up are spent resting on my part! Getting ready, two babies ready (with the help of hubby), out the door, drive 40 minutes, drop off at the sitters, rush to work, then walk my 1/4 of mile (that is NOT an exaggeration folks!) I am POOPED by the time I start my work that explains why I haven't reported my computer taking so long to boot up to the IT department (AKA its my morning "nap" before my day gets started ;)

Anyway, back to my hairstyle pics!

From the front you can't really tell its anything other than a half up.

This is the knot side

The twistie side

The back

I was very pleased with it and I am SUPER excited about the challenge and really hope I can keep it up. Plus it will be nice to look forward to doing my hair instead of having to dread the get out of the shower, brush and run old mom style I have been wearing lately.

Hope yall had a great Monday...tomorrow is Tuesday and my KIT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!!! I seriously feel like a kid on Christmas night, I'm not going to be able to sleep and I know tomorrow is going to dragggggg. My ThirtyOne kit will be here with my catalogs, fliers, product samples, order forms...I'm super excited and ready to get this party going! :)

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