Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can It Look ANY Worse?!?!?

Ok, so my blog name really comes from my hairstyle. If you do not know, I am not the person that can wait for things. Normally if I want it, I want it RIGHT THEN! Well, this morning while getting ready for work I got REALLY ticked at my hair. Already hating the way it looked, it was all grown out and everything else I just was at the end of my rope and it was time to do something about the nasty rag sitting on the top of my head. So I got to work, called the lil "Cost By Us" near my house and made an appointment. Now, I know what you are thinking "why did you go to a lil whole in the wall place" but this is the same place that fixed my bad-do last time. So I went, against my gut instinct that said 'something bad is going to happen', I went anyway. I get to this place and...have you ever looked at a hair dresser and wonder 'if your hair looks that bad then SURLY TO GOD you are not about to TRY to cut and style mine'...well that's what the lady looked like who cut my hair...matter of fact EVERYONE in there looked like that. But I sat in the cold seat, and let her begin CHOPPING at my hair. I was so nervous my back was soaked (and not from the rain outside) but I tried to remain calm thinking...'it cant be that bad..cant be'. So five minutes later, YES only FIVE minutes later, she tells me "lets dry these bangs and see what they look like"...SEE WHAT THEY look like, WOMAN you should know what they look like you just chopped them off! So she blows my bangs dry (just the bangs) and that is when the TEARS CAME! They looked HORRIBLE...I have seen mullets look better than my bangs looked (nothing against mullets). But I comforted myself by saying 'well the rest of my hair is still wet maybe that will help' she then asked 'want me to blow it dry'....YES PLEASE DO! So she blows it dry and MORE tears came it was getting worse by the minute. Needless to say, she RUINED my hair, charged me an additional $5 to blow it dry (didnt style it or even use a FREAKING BRUSH) PLUS another freaking $3 to 'wet the hair'.....if you are gonna dry dont wet it to begin with!!!!!!!! So, now that I have vented to my blog, I am now in search of a haircut to fix this thing on my head that some woman at Cuts by Us calls a 'hairstyle'. Any suggestions?!?! Lets just say, cant really cut the bangs any shorter because there would be NOTHING left and my hair was only trimmed to enough to get it all one length (thank goodness). So until I find a new hairstyle I will remain hidden inside my home!!


I am posting the best pic from last night...our McDonald's laugh...smelly, dirty butt crack...Just say no Kids!!!


Beginning Again said...

awe honey! that sounds like EVERY CUT I have ever had! I always cry as soon as I leave the place. I am SO sorry! HAIRSTYLIST SHOULD BE MAGICIANS!!!
I must see a picture or see you, I bet it isn't AS BAD as you think!?

alohanole913 said...

HAH! I am just getting around to your blog. Girl you make me laugh, lol. Well now I've seen the picture and the fixed and everything worked out good:) Oh and I love the pic from last night...TOO FUNNY! YUCK!