Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Only $895

Ok, so I have a confession....I am addicted to shopping. I dont really care what I am shopping for I JUST love it! I found myself tonight online SEARCHING long and far for this shoe.

It is Carrie's "engagement shoe" from the Sex and the City movie. Now, my favorite movie of all time originally was Clueless, then I fell in love with Grease and those two remained THE BEST movies (in my mind) for YEARS! Until last summer when the SATC movie came out and then my two old flames were moved to second and third place...and SATC settled in at good ole number one...and probably will remain there for a while.

You ask why I am SO in love with the movie I will tell you...the FASHION. I am not a big fashion person and never can tell you what goes with what, and honestly I dont ever think I am dressed "cute". However, I LOVE to shop and I do not feel like I can EVER have too many shoes or handbags!

Since the first time I watched SATC I knew it was love at first site and I wanted a pair of the these Manolo Blahnik blue heels she wore. So I have been on the hunt since, not really searching TOO hard. But I found out they can be bought for the low price of $895!!! So that means I: a) can do some fundraising... or b) GIVE IT UP I will never own a pair of those BEAUTIFUL shoes.

So until then I will continue to purchase my shoes from the local mall where the most expensive one I have EVER put on my foot was $500! (dont get me wrong, still WAY outta my price range).

In the search I did find this website ... Im thinking I may need to ask how to become a member!

Until next time...happy shopping! :)

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alohanole913 said...

haha! those are pretty AWESOME, I'm sure your hubby wouldn't mind AT ALL if you splurged;)