Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bobo (Our Elf on the Shelf) Came!

Have you heard the story Elf and on the Shelf?  If not, I recommend reading it.  Basically the story is that Santa sends an Elf into the home to watch the children and report back to Santa each night.  When he/she return the next day they are always in a different spot.  The children are not allowed to touch the Elf or they will lose their magic.  We were amazed at how lil man responded to the story, looking for Bobo each day, and would tell him when he did something wrong.  It was so sweet to hear him “sorry Bobo” because he did not want Bobo telling Santa he was bad.  I have literally been counting down Bobo’s return ever since we moved into our house.  Bobo came to our house on Thanksgiving last year, and again this year.


We were sitting in the living room getting ready for bed after a long Thanksgiving day and heard the door bell ring.  Lil man jumped up and said he’s here!  We talked up Bobo’s arrival all week so they would be excited about him coming.  I don’t really think lil man remembered Bobo from last year and I don’t think baby girl understood who/what Bobo was but nonetheless they both were excited!  Daddy opened the door, lil man right behind him looking.  But they didn’t see anything!


Finally lil man started laughing and pointed to the door, there’s Bobo!


Lil man ran to his room and grabbed his camera while Daddy began telling them the story about our Elf.


Daddy explained that Bobo comes each day to watch the children and tell Santa how they did that day!


We decided on a place to set Bobo, while Daddy finished the story by reminding the babies that we cannot touch Bobo or he will loose his magic and won’t be able to return to Santa.


Then the babies blew Bobo a kiss and headed to bed.  It is such a fun tradition to do with our family and I look forward to making it more challenging each year.  Welcome Bobo, we are glad to have you back! 

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