Monday, November 5, 2012

Playing Around


Before we get to today’s post…I have to show you my proud *former cheerleader/coach* momma moment…Baby Girl was standing beside her Daddy and just pulled this heal stretch!  Not bad form, and she is even smiling!!! Me and her Daddy (shhh don’t tell him I told you) both yelled YAY!!!


Back to the post: I have been trying to get the camera out for our “everyday” lives instead of just for special occasions. 


You know the saying “these days are gonna go by so quick” and that they do.  I want to document the “stages of life” with my babies and it is so easy to forget to get the camera out.


I read another blog recently that talked about taking your camera with you everywhere, literally.  She talked about taking it she even takes hers with her to the grocery store!  I do know that my babies are a HOOT and do not care where we are they will enjoy themselves, and they should.  So I should be there ready with the camera to capture those memories!


This also has helped me learn a lot about my camera and editing my pictures, practice, practice, practice!


So this series of pictures are from a pillow fight/Daddy play fest the other night.  We have these regularly, but this night I had the kitchen cleaned early enough I could get the camera out and take some pictures.


Daddy had to intercept this pillow hit, baby girl wasn’t paying attention and little man was about to get her!


Little man doesn’t give up too easily though.


They love playing with their Daddy and I love watching them!

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