Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tammy’s Birthday

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I’m one of those lucky people that is STILL best friends with my childhood best friend!  How awesome is that?  This past Saturday she celebrated her 26th birthday, old fart!!!  She always chooses Mexican for her birthday dinner, and we typically toast with a round of margaritas.   We are very much alike, but are very different too…one thing we have in common is carrying our margaritas the same.  We don’t drink very often and when we do it usually only takes one…but we still have fun.
Hubby tries to make it every year, but some times he has to work…thankfully this year he made it too!
photo (3)
I stole the pictures from the restaurant from Tammy’s phone. 
It is a tradition that each year after her birthday dinner, we head to her parent’s house for a bon fire and cake…this year was no different!  We wanted a picture together, I wanted to hold her…took us a little while to get the camera settings right…so we goofed off a bit!
One thing I love most about my BFF is she is unpredictable and very silly!!!
YAY, a “holding my love” picture!  I’m not sure why she wasn’t looking at the camera and smiling…but she is smiling and that counts for something!
Tammy’s momma, Ms. Karin!  I think this might be where she gets the silliness from Winking smile
Playing with the camera some more.
Awe, I love her!
Us and our hubbys!
Mommy love!
Love these ladies!
Group shot.
Tammy’s brother, Cole took these pictures and he decided to try it from the other side of the fire…cool picture!!

Happy birthday to the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for!  I hope you had a fantastic birthday my dear!!

We shared pictures, so if you read both of our blogs…we apologize for the duplicates! Smile


Tamara said...

Awe I love it! And I love you more my sweets! I had so much fun celebrating :) XOXO

Renee said...

XOXO dear!