Thursday, November 15, 2012



I read a lot of blogs.  Everything from cookies, DIY, fashion, and even photography.  One of the sites I follow is Digital Photography School (DPS).  In addition to a lot of great tips, they also host weekly photo challenges.  I have tried the daily photo challenges but I find myself bored by the end of the month and/or only using my phone to take the pictures.  I wanted something that would help me learn my DSLR and give me time to focus on the picture I’m taking to make it beautiful.  DPS challenges I think I can do, at least I want to try.


This weeks challenge was “backyard”.  I like that it was broad enough that I could take anything from a picture of a bug, or my babies, to the actual yard itself.


We are in the process of cleaning up our yard and beginning to work on a fire pit, so there isn’t too much “interesting” to take pictures of.


I decided to use the opportunity to practice on my babies, I have difficulty shooting them at times because they are so busy!


These are a few shots from my backyard this week, it was fun to have the little challenge to really make me think.  I hope that I can continue the weekly challenges.


I hope you enjoyed my pictures, but most importantly I hope to learn about photography and my camera through these challenges.  I would love for you to join me, here is this week's challenge, there you can read other tips and tutorials and be sure to add them to your reader so you can follow them and join in on the weekly challenges.

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