Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012


Halloween is almost my favorite holiday of the year.  It is  so fun to dress the babies up and see all the other children dressed up.  Not to mention candy is thrown in there two, doesn’t get any better than that yall!  I have been planning the babies  costumes for a couple months (ok, like 6 months), and I could not wait to put them together.  The costumes were not anything fancy but they were homemade and the babies loved them.  I would love to continue making them every year, but I know one of these days they are going to think it is not cool for momma to make their I will hold onto the joy while I can! 

On to the show:


We had a fairy…or if you are babygirl "a airy”…


And a "blue pirate” as little man says…he is IN LOVE with Jake and the Neverland Pirates and wanted to be Jake but he calls him the “blue pirate”.  This was the best I could do to come up with that costume for him, he was very satisfied and proud of his costume!


We got to see Mema and Pepa for a little bit.  I’m so glad they were  able to stop by for a little bit to see the babies in their costumes and visit.


Gammy and Pawpaw got caught up at his office, so I tried to entertain the babies by taking pictures and playing in the front yard.  During their time playing, baby girl broke her wand…as you can see from this picture she was not happy  about it.  I tried to fix it but it eventually was a total loss Sad smile


The family!! I remembered to get us a picture, FINALLY.  I have noticed that I never get pictures of the four of us at events and holidays but I remembered this time!


Nana and the babies.


Our neighborhood is extremely dark, you will be able to tell from the following pictures.  I worried about the cars not being able to see us, so we all wore the glow sticks.  The kids of course loved it but it was nice because we did not get started until after dark so thankfully we had them.


Daddy and babygirl.  They began in the wagon, but they were ready to walk after about the sixth house. 


They loved it!  and so did all the adults.


One house we went to was a flag lot, if you don’t know what that is basically they had a really long driveway.  They decorated all down the driveway, it was pretty awesome.


Then once you got to the house there was a scary man sitting in the chair waiting on you to get close then he slowly lifted his head…it kinda freaked us all out!  We only trick or treated for about an hour, then headed home.  The babies were so tired and the homes were starting to turn off their lights.  The babies bags were full, so it was time to call it a night and hang the trick or treat bags up until next year.  But the fun came when we got to the house…


It was time to go through the loot!


They dumped their bags in the floor and dug in!


CANDY!  This was my favorite part when I was growing up- fat kid here!  I think it is their favorite part too!!!


She was having the best time showing off her goodies.


While he was more interested in sorting his…


into groups.  I’m not sure what the groups were, but he had them organized in his own little way.


One house gave out spider rings…super cool!


Gammy and Pawpaw got an after picture since the babies were ready to trick or treat when they got here.


Me and my daddy!


I took pictures of our Halloween decorations a few days ago but haven’t had a chance to share them, so I will tack those along at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy!





My mom actually painted these…she is pretty amazing!





The is hubby’s favorite!


This one is the babies favorite.



We have had these since our very first Halloween, they are still kicking!!


It was a fantastic Halloween for our family and I hope yall had a great one as well!

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