Friday, November 2, 2012

A Brother Kind of Wake Up


This past weekend I was laying in bed and heard the babies in their room playing.  I knew they had to be in baby girl’s room because she sleeps in a crib and he sleeps in a full bed.  I guess I should say, I assumed they were in her room because she has been climbing out of her bed lately and surprises us. 


After I laid there for a while I heard little man’s feet come running in our room.  He looked at me and I barely opened one eye, he said “Momma, Sissy needs chocolate milk”.  I couldn’t help but giggle.  They were content, fine, and happy playing all by themselves but he couldn’t make her happy by making chocolate milk so it was time to wake us up.


When I got to her room I realized that little man had provided her with all the toys she needed to play in bed while waiting on us to wake up. 


Look at that, he packed her bed full!  It warmed my heart to see how he takes care of her and ensures that she is happy no matter what it takes…including making sure someone wakes up to get her some chocolate milk!

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