Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Little Weekend Wrap Up


I have a quick weekend wrap up for ya, just because I love some of these pictures from this weekend and have to share them!  First one up is the only picture that I took at the game, but we took the babies to the last football game of this season for the high school we went to.  They loved it, until we found the “bridge”.  There is a handicap ramp and the babies had THE BEST TIME running up and down the ramp…drove me crazy!  But at least they had fun at their first football game, technically it was little man’s second but he was only a few months old at his first. The game was so cold but that did not stop them.


I shared this one on Facebook, but she loves these glasses and I LOVE her wearing them.  Reminds me of a librarian.


Saturday after lunch we took the babies to the play ground in the neighborhood.  This is becoming a hang out for us.  They love it and I love catching them for pictures.


She was determined she could climb the same ladder as her brother.


Daddy joined in on some playing with them.


I can get some really cute shots of them at the play ground for some reason, I guess you could call that their “happy place”.




Look who joined us there!! Uncle N was trying to teach little man how to use the monkey bars but little man wasn’t too into it.


Then he went down the slide with baby girl.  This is not the best picture, but I love Uncle Nick’s face.


Working on portrait style pictures, these may or may not be someone’s Christmas present this year…a picture, not my baby!


Uncle N and Daddy enjoyed the play ground as much as the babies.


Aunt C helped baby girl swing.


Then Aunt C did a little swinging of her own.  Again, I’m still working on learning about my aperture and these are not in focus but I love her expressions.


You are only as old as you feel!


Little man’s turn…I’d like to point out that baby girl is watching her brother very intensely.


Then it was her turn.


Daddy had to give it a shot, again notice the expression in the background on Uncle N's face.  Do you see now why I had to share these pictures from the park?  Those expressions are just too priceless.  

I also wanted to take them over to a bridge at the park and practice some picture ideas for Christmas presents…


It’s a good thing these were practice because the light was too bright.


Me and Aunt C thought it would be fun to practice some hay throwing pics.


The babies loved the idea!


haha I LOVE this picture, she looks like she’s rising from the hay.


Gotta get that aperture/focus thing down a little better.


The hay was wet and heavy, but baby girl was able to throw some of it.


Then we tried to bury them.


Little man wasn’t too sure about being buried.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time at the park. 


Cannot see Uncle N without an airplane ride!

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