Friday, November 2, 2012


I don't read my posts before I submit them. I know I should, but really, I barely have time to post them! I'm so busy during the week that I usually don't post anything but when I do I'm rushing to get it posted between watching tv, folding clothes, talking with hubby, and I'm only half paying attention. Lets be honest, the best part of the blog are the pictures anyway. On Sundays I typically group up about five posts or so for the week and schedule them one a day. That way there's new stuff going up but I don't have to worry about it during the week. However again I don't read the post before scheduling them. Usually on Sundays I blog during nap time and that lately has only given me an hr and half! Again not much time to write and proof read.

Ok, moving on from the excuses and on to apologies- my blog will have errors, incorrect spellings and bad grammar. It will happen, it has happened and I will not fix the posts as I find the errors. But I know there are errors and I thought I should apologize for those- at least once!

Hope you enjoy the reading, and read over the errors!!

Oh, and happy Friday y'all!!!

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