Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cookies with Daddy


So, with Thanksgiving around the corner we stocked up on our baking supplies.  To be included in those supplies was chocolate chips.  We piled all of our baking supplies up on a shelf in the pantry, awaiting the big day.  It only took a day before little man saw all the chocolate chips sitting on the shelf and he asked “what’s this”.  I explained to him that it was to make cookies with…and that was all it took.


He begged and begged to make cookies, I explained to him every time that was something we do with Daddy and not Momma because I didn’t want to burn the house down and let's face my hubby can rock some cookies! 


So he begged his Daddy and that evening, when Daddy got home from work…we got our bake on!


Baby girl was not NEAR as impressed as little man was.


I literally could sit there and eat the entire bowl of the cookies dough.  But I didn’t, I saved some for the baking.


As they were baking, the smell that filled the house was so tempting…but we waited for the timer to go off.  Then we fought over cookies.  They are were so amazing. 


They were white chocolate chip with walnuts…oh my gosh amazing!


Look at those, and I finally got to use my cute plates!


Yummo!!  My hubby can seriously bake like it aint no body’s business.  These cookies were scrumptious.  I ate WAY too many and am so sad that they are all gone! The babies enjoyed the baking process and they thought it was neat to eat their cookies that they just baked with daddy.  They too thought they were amazing!!

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