Tuesday, October 25, 2011


PHUMP!?!?!? You know "Photo Dump"...so here we go...

A few Thursdays ago, one of my good friends took me to Cakes and Corks (C&C) here in town for my birthday. She has been a dedicated C&C fan month after month. And I have been itching to go but never got around to it...ya know how that is! Well, this month that changed and I have now become a huge fan myself. So what is it?! Well, you basically get together with a whole bunch of other women, drink wine and decorate cakes. Girl's night out doesn't get much better than that! They provide absolutely everything you need to decorate that month's "themed" cake and they guide you through the process. Super easy and super fun. I have to admit I was nervous about going because I'm not good at "that" kind of stuff...but I was so happy to see that my cake wasn't bad. Not to mentioned it tasted YUMO!!! This month's "theme" was supporting breast cancer.

I do not remember exactly when these next two pictures were taken but we had so much fun.  Daddy was playing baseball, and little man wanted to get in on the action.  It was so special to me watching the two of them playing together in the yard and enjoying pretty weather and some good ole baseball.  There is one thing for sure, when I prayed for a "boy" boy...that is what I got!! Maybe a little more than I can handle at times ;)  but as I have said before I am glad he enjoys the out doors.

It was so funny to watch his little legs running after the balls.  He tried swinging the bat, but surprisingly he had more fun rounding up the balls. 

This past Sunday I had plans to go to the breast cancer walk in southwood, however my babies changed those plans for me.  That morning the two of them (teaming up on me I believe) were both unhappy, ill, and would not nap for nothing!  I made the executive decision to cancel our walk plans, and boy let me tell you I am glad I did!! They went down for a nap after lunch and slept til about 3:00...thank God because when babies don't get sleep, no one wants to be around them!!

After nap, they were in a good mood and ready to roll!  We spent most of the afternoon outside enjoying the awesome weather.  This is little man pointing to the tractor and watching PawPaw mow.

While the babies napped, I began working on my first DIY project from Pinterest!  It was a tiring and long process but my afternoon goals were to get these bad boys apart.  Can you guess what I am making?!

I can't tell, at least not until it is finished! :)  I had fun, and learned a lot about taking apart something that is nailed (probably with a nail gun) together...first things first: WEAR PROTECTIVE EYE GEAR!  I had nails flying everywhere!!

They were sharp and no fun, nor easy, to remove!  But I am super excited to finish and hope it turns out as I anticipate!!

By the way this PHUMP was intended to be much longer...however once I started adding pics I realized just how many I have to load and it was taking FOREVER!!!  Therefore, I decided they will have to come in different posts!!

Hope you all had a great start to your week!!

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