Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wow What-a-Week!

This week has been super crazy for me. For example Wednesday I woke up thinking it was say the very least! Thankfully I met the BFF for some yumo Moes and it helped get me through. AND it was FREE! Do you know why!?!?! Because its my birthday! Well actually 10/01 is but at Moes you get to celebrate early.

Speaking of celebrating early, I got my nails done for the first time in over 2 years!! I was soooo excited and LOVE THEM! They are my early bday celebration to myself with my 31 commission.  Yay me!

And speaking of rocking it yo! Not to toot my own horn but when i say blessed i mean it have truly BLESSED me! I have had...wait for it...FIVE parties this month! Not bad for "a little extra cash".  Which played a major role in my super busy week trying to get them all closed before the end of the month.

Lets see...what else...babygirl is progressing on learning to walk...and thats about it from the Dawkins gang. 

Until next time...yall take care!!

P.S. Photo dump coming...

Last weekend we were playing outside and he was watching the water, he looked at me and smile but by the time the camera snapped he turned and this is the pic I ended up with.  You know how they say for every 100 pics you take, you get one good one...this is it from last weekend.

And babygirl loves to be outside too...thank goodness I have babies that love the out doors.
 While little man was running around playing, babygirl watch every single move.  She is learning from him, and she is not far from following right behind him.
 He was so funny, running through the water and "riding" in his car!
 "Riding" and saying "bye bye" haha!!!
 This is her first time in the grass!  She actually loved it...I was expecting Diva to SCREAM but nope she was having her a good ole time!
 I got down to get some good pics, and she started crawling to my camera...gonna like pics like her momma! :)
 Then little man started tossing the ball...and she forgot all about momma!
 This is the "ok, how do I do that" look...taking it all in :)
 TOES!!! I love, LOVE, baby toes!
 I do not know WHY I cannot
 She is coming to get me....awe babygirl....:)
 Then we went inside and she pulled up!  YES AT SEVEN MONTHS she is pulling up on everything.  She even took a step (and fell) towards her leap frog table.  I cannot believe she is starting to walk....ahhhhh I'm going to have my hands full!!!
 Smiley girl.
 Ok, so this is SUPER funny...but dang blogger wont let me turn it...sorry yall!!!  Last Sunday, his daddy was doing laundry and little man took his shorts and put them on his head like a hat. Ran around the living room, making us laugh and he was was funny!!
 And like I said...babygirl learning from big brother!
 Little man thought it was the funniest thing ever...he was so loving all the attention from the whole family laughing at him.
Then he started dancing.  If you haven't seen him dance...I will have to video it for you.  SOOOO funny, he moves those little feet so fast, it honestly looks like he is clogging.  HAHA  but he was proud, he was clapping at himself and laughing.  HAHA...I need to invest in a video camera to remember these events. :)

I hope yall had a great week, I am GLAD mine is over....especially since this post is posting on my BIRTHDAY!!!! :)  Headed to town for some shopping and the Bone Fish for dinner...YAY!!  Post to come tonight wrapping up my bday....Have a great day!! 

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Tamara said...

LOVE all the pictures! So glad I got to help you celebrate your birthday :) Love you!!