Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's These Days I Never Want To Forget

I get very sentimental when I think about my babies growing up. I don't like thinking about how fast these days are flying by and I don't even realize it. I get teary eyed thinking that in just 3 years Lil Man will be starting school and that in just 4 months baby girl will be a year old...*tear* ...I'm crying just thinking about it. I worry all the time that I'm going to forget when they first walked, crawled, smiled, laugh, talked, sat up, etc. I try to document it all somehow so I can remember, or at least have somewhere to refer back to. So, moving on from my sappiness (is that a word?) to the purpose behind this post:

Over the past few weeks my babies have really started playing warms my heart to see them! I will be in the kitchen washing dishes, cooking, etc. and hear lil man in the living room "hi tissie" (he can't say Sissy), and I will look in the living room and she is in the floor and he is laying down looking up at SWEET!

I have seen him take her toys and teddy bears when she is in the living room crying. He has even taken her the bottle when she was crying. When she's done with her bottle, he brings it into the kitchen and puts it into the sink...couldn't ask for a better big brother!

Now that she is getting older, she is starting to "talk" more and starting to react to brother and his actions. For example, at the dinner table they face each other and he will do something (I really don't know what he does to her) and she will just start laughing.

So this morning lil man got up and I heard him "Up Momma, up" <- that's his way of telling me "get me out of this crib"! So I left the lights off, because you NEVER want to wake a sleeping princess, and got lil man told him "shhhh sister is still sleeping" and put him down. He ran into the living room, "da-ddeee", gave Daddy a good morning hug, and I continued getting ready. Then, a few minutes later, I heard babygirl in there laughing...thought WOW she's waking up in a great mood. Or not, lil man found a way to move the chair, climb in it, and woke sister up. When I walked in and caught them, they were holding hands both laughing...sweetest thing EVER!

Of course, by the time I snapped the picture this is what I got instead of them holding hands. Still cute picture, and reminds me of this morning and the sweet memories that was made.

So tonight, I fed the babies their dinner, normally I eat with them and then when Daddy gets home he eats after the babies go to bed, but tonight it didn't work out that way. after the babies were done eating, I started cooking my frozen pizza. I was standing in the kitchen and thought the babies were in the living room. But I heard babygirl start laughing, I mean to the point she could not I started looking for them and found them under the dinning room at the end of this post.
The Dawkins babies playing, both laughing SO hard...and I have absolutely what was so funny...but I had to laugh with them because it was so contagious to hear those sweet laughs and see my babies having the best time...doing nothing. They didn't even have a single toy, just the two of them, loving life and each other! (sorry cant get the pic to rotate)
After they got through laughing babygirl started chasing lil man...he running and she was crawling...bless her heart, she tried to keep up with him...but he left her in the dust!!
"momma where did he go?"
"Is he up there"
He saw the camera and stopped running came up to me and said "chhheeeessseee"....LOL!

I know there will come a time that they will have a disagreement and it will absolutely break my heart to see them fight...but days like today are days I hope to never forget. Seeing my babies enjoying each other and having a good 'ole time was so priceless...I hate that hubby had to miss it all! :( But thankfully I got pics and it on video so we can remember these days. So, in ten years when they are fighting and being mean...I will sit them down and say "you love your brother/sister" and will make them watch this video! :) THAT will be their punishment...hehe :) I hope you enjoy the pics and videos as much as we did...
(Sorry, yes I took the video sideways!)

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JeS said...

I feel the exact same way. This brought tears to my eyes, but tears of joy because it so precious!