Sunday, September 25, 2011

Relaxing Sunday

So you are going to have to bare with me, im being lazy and posting from the bed on my phone.  First I want to say thank you to everyone for the positive words abiut my bye bye fb choice.  My first fee pics here are from last weekend.  The first is from my fourtune cookie.  Those who dont know what we are going through I will sum it up for you- ALOT! But this cookie was a light for me to put at the end of my tunnel.

We went walking one night this week and baby girl had to sit up. Shes so funny because she will not lay back for anything, scared of falling asleep i guess. 

The wagon ones are from today just too cute not to share.

And the last one, yes thats babygirl pulling up!!!! Ahhhh what am I going to do with TWO walking!?!?! She did take one step to this leap frog table but fell as soon as she put weight in that foot. 

These pics are from my phone but i took several good ones yesterday, hope to get them edited and posted soon. But may not be this week.  Why!? You ask...because i have FIVE parties to close this week! Yay!!! Ive been SOOO blessed by ThirtyOne. I hope yall have a great beginning to your week!!

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