Monday, September 12, 2011

A Little Pic Catch Up

I have been meaning to get these pics up, but they have taken longer than I thought they would. I can't remember exactly when they all were taken, but they have been over the past 2-3 weeks. Hope you enjoy...yes they are all of our babies, they do make the prettiest pics ;)

For his first birthday, he got a 4 wheeler and he LOVES that thing. He rides it all over the yard, yelling "bye, bye" and "bye ma!" to me. It is so fun to watch him, but I find myself in tears some times thinking that he's growing up so fast and one day he will be on a real 4-wheeler or in a car driving away for the first time yelling "bye". :'( but until then, it is sweet watching him riding around the yard waving and yelling "bye, bye". :)

He's so serious about it too, right until he hits the side of the house, or the car, or the sandbox. He's still learning how to turn.

Thought this was too sweet. We were drawing with sidewalk chalk, and he sat on his name. Hehe :)
This is what babygirl likes to do outside while we color with chalk and brother drives his 4 wheeler. She sits and plays, and laughs and her brother. I absolutely LOVE watching the two of them play with each other, make each other laugh, she really thinks her brother hung the moon. Sad thing is, I know it will not last...there will be a day that I will have to pull her off him.
After we play in the yard and get really hot. I turn on the water faucet. Yea, its kinda redneck of me but you have to hear me out. We bought him a pool and Gammy bought him a slip-n-slide...he rather have the faucet! What can I say the kid LOVES water! It is so funny watching him put his face right in the stream of water and splash it around. HAHA! Then he steps back and looks at me takes a deep breath, and does it again! Who needs sprinklers, pools, or slip-n-slides...we here have faucets! *in my redneck voice*
Wet toes! He cannot STAND the grass that sticks to his feet, so he comes to me "ma!" and points to them. I wipe his feet and right back to the wet grass he goes!
He loves playing outside, but he doesn't forget to take a break from the fun and give some loving to his sister! And she "eeeks" in excitement :) so sweet sibling love!
OH, HAHA!! This was pretty funny too. When Savannah is upset and crying, and I am busy fixing a bottle or trying to get to her but am just not fast worries, brother is here! He tries to make her laugh or he will try to sooth her. He has been known to take her a teddy bear, a rattle, a car, a weeble (little people that weeble but don't fall down, for those who havent heard of weebles Brody LOVES them), or even his cup. If none of those help her feel better, he will put his hat on her. Most of the time this just ticks her off more, but he tries. When he has exhausted all of his resources and he's ready to give up, he will kiss her on the head, yell "ma!" and point to her. I have to reassure him that she will be ok and I am on my way!

AWE, the first FSU game of the season!!! This is one of my good friends baby and he and Sav had such a great time playing and watching the game together...don't they look adorable!?
Daddy and Brody watching the game! Thanks to daddy, every time the TV is on Brody thinks there should be "foootball" on it. He points to the TV and yells "fooootball"...yikes me and Sav are in for it, we are gonna have to have a girl's room of our own!
POOL TIME at Nana's. Brody loves the water, as previously mentioned, Sav on the other hand is learning to like the water.
He loves to be tossed HIGH (kind of scares momma).
And he's learning to swim, he is getting really good at it too.
Take time away from pool fun to love on the dog.
Splashing with daddy!
More pool fun!

I have a few more pics from this past week...still working on editing those. Takes a little longer to get pics ready and posted these days, but stay tuned they are coming as fast as they can! :)

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