Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sew Much Going On

You liked my play on words there didn't ya!? Haha I have been doing a lot of sewing projects lately, thanks to Pinterest and my wonderful sitter. I also have MANY pictures of the fam that I want to post, but be totally honest...have been too lazy to edit them and get them posted. I hope, but do not promise, to get those pictures up some time this weekend. Until then I wanted to share my latest, and greatest, sewing projects.

First I want to start by saying my left over maternity clothes were starting to bother me. I could donate the to Goodwill, or I could refashion them and wear those bad boys. And that is just what I did! Take my first project, it was a maternity tank top, and left over fabric from a different project. I made a ruffled dress. See the tutorials from my previous post!

After :) I LOVED the way it turned out, however it didn't fit me. LONG story about that :/
This shirt was a long sleeve maternity shirt that was plain, no ruffles, no buttons, nothing just black long sleeve. I cut the sleeves off and made ruffles.
I was so proud of the ruffles, they made me smile REAL BIG! :)
Lastly, was the GREEN idea I got from my sitter. Well, she asked if I could do it, of course I could! She found these reusable sandwich bags on Etsy and asked if I knew how to make them. I never saw them but knew that I could def pull it off. The idea is brilliant and I am super stoked to make many more for her and myself! :)

Hope you all had a great short week, TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!! :)

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