Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Carving!

**WARNING: A whole bunch of cuteness coming up!**

I took a TON of pumpkin carving pictures this year.  I feel like I have been editing them for years.  It was special because it was baby girl's first and the first one little man was able to "do something".  When I say FUN, I mean FUUUNNN.  The two of them were so funny at the gooey-slime-guts of the pumpkin's insides.  Pics will illustrate for you what I am talking about. 

Our two pumpkins, we got one for our family and one for me to carve with my daddy...and of course the babies to help!  *Our family's pumpkin is the one in the foreground.
We also got both babies their own pumpkin, this is baby girl discovering her pumpkin for the first time. 
He was amazed at Gammy and how cool she was cutting the pumpkin open.  

I was trying to get him to help me get the guts outta the pumpkin and into the bowl...he wasn't buying it!
This is actually a really good picture, if you are looking at it on your phone turn your phone so it will automatically rotate.  :)  For some reason blogger wouldn't rotate this ONE PIC!  But he was so sweet "meeting" his pumpkin.
I gave baby girl some of the guts for her to explore with...she was cool with it...unlike her brother!
*Notice how clean he is trying to stay while opening the pumpkin*
"if I stay far enough back I should stay clean from pumpkin guts"
Then we have Miss Priss...grabbing and trying to eat it.  She is still too young to care, right!?
Oh, Tissy can grab it so can I!
 Still not sure about what's inside that big pumpkin...
 Having her one heck of a time.
 Trying to pick up her pumpkin so she can....
 EAT guessed it!
 This was so cute.  Little man took the tops from the smaller pumpkins and put them on babygirl's head and said "hat".  haha!!  He's one funny dude.  She thought it was funny too.  Every time she would move, it would fall, and he would put it back "hat Tissy"...LOL!
 Ok, so he is going to be one of those "you do the work, I will put my name on it" kids.  AFTER the pumpkins were totally cleaned out...THEN he was all for "cleaning" them out, and helping!  Here he is "cleaning" out his pumpkin.
 We should him to put the guts inside the bucket.
 But he did it backwards saying "back" the whole time, he wanted to take the "guts" from the bucket and put them BACK in the pumpkin...this is from teaching to put things back where they belong (back fired in this case).
 Cleaning out his pumpkin.
 Trying to put the "hat" on her head.

 Helping Pawpaw pick and secure the design.
 Make sure that pumpkin is 110% clean!
 Poking the holes in the pumpkin for our design.
 While we were carving, little man took a cheese ball break!
 His pumpkin somehow kept getting outside the garage and rolling worries little man rushed to save it!
 But he got side-tracked by the cool tractor down the street.
The final product, well one of the large pumpkins...we waited on daddy to get home to do our family's pumpkin.
 LOVE daddy's face!
 Helping daddy poke out the design...or watch brother while daddy does the work!
 Ta-da!!! Our finished pumpkin.
ALL pumpkins!!! Aint they too cute!?

We had such a great Halloween and I cannot wait to share our trick or treating pics...hopefully tomorrow night!! Tonight it's past my bedtime and this momma is ready to pass out!! I hope you all had some awesome pumpkin carving going on this season and enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Night yall!!! :)

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