Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Phump XXL

Things lately around the Dawkins family have been on OVERLOAD BUSY!  I have SOOOO many exciting and wonderful things to share....however I am waiting until the time is juuust right before doing so ;) I know, I know, I'm killing ya smalls!!  Anyway, that is my "excuse" of why poor ole blogger hasn't been updated in...what is it...like...a week...or longer!  So to catch ya up real fast on our pics here we go....

First few pics are from the farm.  Little man and baby girl went to stay the night out there about a week or so ago and PaPaw put everyone to work pickin' pecans.  Little man didn't care, heck that got him outside and we all know as long as he is outside he is happy! 

 He LOVES this lady and her "truck" as he calls it!

Helping with the pecans, he was actually taking them out of PaPaw's pocket and putting them in the bucket.

 Then he started taking them out of the bucket and carrying them around.
 Ok, not a farm pic.  But last weekend I was in the garden with Gammy and saw this DEAD bee, had to snap a few shots...FYI if you didn't know, my favorite setting on my camera is MACRO! :)
 Chilling in the garden drinking her some milk :) Life is Good!
 Check out the stinger on that bad boy....OUCH
 Mom's...I dont remember what fruit/veggie this is but I thought it was pretty with the light from the sun.
 The next series are pics of babygirl using my macro!

 Just eat your heart out ;)

 I think Tyra besta be on the look out....the next ANTM right here ladies! ;)

 See the pose there!?  Like "mom this is my good side"....HAHAH!
 More Macro fun, I was trying to get the sun through that tiny hole...yea didn't work!

 Just thought it was a pretty contrast between the bird house and the sky!
 These things are AWESOME to take pics of.  I don't remember what the veggie is that grows in it....something like a tomato...but it leaves this shell and it was EVERYwhere so naturally I had to play around with it!
 Ok, so the next few shots are little man riding his "YeeHaw" (what he calls a horse) and the horse was actually his Papa's when he was little.  He LOVES it!

 My cowboy in action :)

 I had some good pecan picking pics that somehow got put down here at the bottom...I dont want to fight with blogger to move them to the top...

That's it for the Phump.  I hope you all have a safe and happy thanksgiving.  I cannot wait to EAT...and visit with all my family ;)

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