Friday, November 4, 2011

!! Trick or Treat !!

FINALLY, our trick or treat!!!!  The babies had such a good time.  Little man worked on "trick or treat" for   two days before.  He was doing great, then when it was show time...NOTHING!  LOL he just smiled and got the candy.  He knew what he was there for, don't waste time talking, get in, grab the candy, and get out! That's the Dawkins way right there...main focus FOOD or better yet CANDY!  

Baby girl...she can't talk but her facial expressions showed it all.  She laughed and smiled and jumped and waved her arms...she was LOVING trick or treating.  At one point she started grabbing little man's pumpkin full of candy and tried to take it from him.  He was going to have it he would say "Tissy!" and take it back. 

We walked several miles and it was such a beautiful night, we really enjoyed trick or treating.  Next year will be you know what, two toddlers roaming the neighborhood....yikes I'm tired already just thinking about it! 

***Family Pic***

The babies

She had her a great time

The gang

I LOVED the idea of all different pumpkins, how neato!

For some reason my camera took these in like night vision look.

Babygirl got to wear her new shoes that Mema and Pepa got her.  They are pink glitter and Minnie Mouse...adorable!!!
Ok, so this pic has a funny story behind it. Both of them grabbed candy at the first house and carried that candy to every other home.  At one point I think he exchanged one of the pieces for a Reeces...he knows good candy when he sees it!  Baby girl did the same thing she carried around her candy all night.  Little man tried several times to open his but couldn't figure it out.  

On the way home, it was really quiet...I thought they were asleep.  Then I heard "YUUUMMMMMM".  I turned on the light and looked back there to see little man sucking every last drop of the chocolate out of this wrapper. He finally figure out how to get into the candy, but the best part is he was hiding it.  I told Daddy before we left make sure nothing is in his hands, because I can't get to him if he starts choking.  Somewhere he came up with the candy and he ate it, every last piece. SO funny!! 

That should do it on the Halloween posts, not to shabby on timeliness either if I do say so myself! ;)

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