Friday, May 1, 2009

I feel SAFE now!! :)

Yesterday, Tee and I worked in the yard then I watered the yard. Well it was late so I left the water hose out and said I would put the water hose up today. So I got home from work, went in the back yard and made Duke come outside so he could potty. I started rolling the hose up and noticed Duke JUMP and would not take his eyes off the hose. I HAD to take a video of him because he was being such a "watch dog" and he was protecting his mommy from that EVIL WATER HOSE. Now, I have to warn you, the video is not NEAR as funny as it was in person! But maybe you will get a laugh or two from it.

This weekend is all about R&R for the Dawkins. Tonight is date night (movie and dinner), tomorrow Tee has early morning practice, I plan to tan, and hopefully we will have time to go check on momma. Mom had surgery today and she is doing good, it was not the ACL like they originally thought she had a sist (SP?) and it caused some damage to the knee cap!?!?! NOt really sure but she is home and doing well. BORED TO DEATH, tee and I are probably going to go out there tomorrow and take pizza and Chinese, play games/wii and keep mom entertained! Sunday:!!!

Hope yall have a GREAT weekend!! If anyone is bored and wants to hang out, plays games, eat pizza/Chinese. Let us know, mom would love all the company she can get at this point!!

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Beginning Again said...

I wish I would have read this earlier I would have played!!
Glad to hear your momma's surgery went well...hate I forgot she was having it!
We've had a crazy wknd, check out my blog!