Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have heard people say "follow me on twitter" and "twitter said..." I looked a the website a few times and thought it was junk, until recently. I am HOOKED on twitter! It is so neat to me that there is ALWAYS something to read on there. I dont have ANY followers, yet :(, and I am not following many people myself but what I have been doing I seem to really like. We shall see how long I keep up with my Tweets!

Another recent addiction of mine: Frugal Coupon Mom!! I saw her blog once before from a friend, then saw her on Dr. Phil, this week she was on the local news and I have been checking out her blog more and more. I am going to start trying some of her ideas.

My final is over with: we wont talk about that. So I feel like a free woman! Hubby starts football this Friday, so it is Football coaches wife lifestyle for me again for the next...oh...8 months or so! But he LOVES it and I LOVE him more so I can support his season.

I am also working on mother's day gifts!! Needless to say thank goodness finals are over because I still have a lot going on!

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alohanole913 said...

I signed up for a twitter just to stalk other people...haha! I think it's cool that you can read inside details of celebrities themself...since I'm a gossip junkie I love it! I don't ever write any tweets, just read others!