Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter (Late)

My Easter posting is VERY late, but this is the first night I have been home to sit down and pay attention to my blog (this means there will probably be a few posts tonight). Easter was WONDERFUL for us this year. We were very blessed with greats friends on Saturday and spent time with our family on Sunday.

Saturday we hosted a cook out with our friends. We ate some YUMMIE food my hubby BBQ, colored eggs, played street ball, had a short craft session, hunted eggs and over just enjoyed time with friends that was LONG overdue! It was so good to see everyone together at one time...its been a while since we last were able to. Here are a few pics from Saturday. Blogger would only allow me to post 5 :( but ALL my pics are on Shutterfly.

Our craft session was how to make ribbon broaches, arent they just TOO CUTE?
Everyone seems to love them except the mean lady at my mom's office! I made momma one and she wore it to work today and some lady said to her "I cant believe you put that on your shirt" well woman I cant believe you would be so rude to say that to someone...people need to think twice before they say something to someone- words hurt. This goes the same for those people who post things on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, their blog, or any online website- people read those things and the text you type may come off differently than you intend and words do hurt. So think twice and Re-Read anything you post before you post could cause you to loose a friend.
Sorry about my spill...back to Easter!! :)

Ian and Rossi at the cook out. She was so cute...just smile the whole time and laughed!! I really enjoyed her. Hope to see her again soon!!

My fav egg from the whole weekend!!! I wanted to make it retro! :) hehe

My Hubby was too cute...he really got into the coloring!! He made a football and faces! I took tons of pics of him but this was the little boy!! hehe they never grow up :)

This is our Easter basket from mom and dad. We got a bird bath and it was FILLED with candy. We were very excited we have been wanting a bird bath for a LONG looks cute in the backyard.
We also went to Tee's Nanny for Easter...I forgot to take pics there I am so bad!! I got to learn to take more pics!! :)
Well thats a wrap, our Easter in a nut shell. It was wonderful and we are so thankful for those in our life!

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alohanole913 said...

Thanks again for hosting the Easter was wonderful!