Thursday, April 9, 2009


I like this one
Haven't made up my mind on the flower style...

Tried to take a pic of me wearing it for Mrs. Goram...didnt work very well!

This one is by far my fact I may keep it for me! :) I think I will have plenty for Christmas!

I couldn't get enough of the broaches...have I turned into an old married woman? I am falling in love with BrOAcHeS!!!! I made three more this morning, all were very different. I am posting the last three pics of broaches, then on to cleaning the house, watching tv and doing homework! I really have turned into a CRAFT ANIMAL- I cant get enough!! I know you are thinking "what a loser"...haha thats me! :) Hope you enjoy the pics.


Beginning Again said...

your fave is also my fave!!!
Next crafting session I want to be front and center learning from THE BEST aka YOU!!!!

Beginning Again said...

PS! Thanks for the picture!! ...and jst FYI it wasn't because I wanted a pic of your CHEST! ha!

alohanole913 said...

Ditto on the fave! I am LOVING it!!!!!!