Thursday, April 16, 2009

I need help!

IM SO EXCITED...little things make me happy :) but I have moved my hair appointment to MONDAY! I have been long awaiting this appointment that was at the end of the month because my hair has not been "styled" in a long time. I have been wanting something "new" and have been actively searching online for fresh new looks. I have added a few of the styles that made the "final cut". I need help picking THE ONE!!!
The first one is my fav but it is VERY different from what I am use to. Number one it is SHORT number two it is SHORT! :) But it looks free and light weight which I think I would LOVE. Plus the second option (which is my comfort style)...anyways I am open for opinions!!


Beginning Again said...

ok, so i love love love love love both of them!
But you know me, i defin LOVE the top one more!
I learned a long time grows so if it turns out to short, it won't be like that for long!!
you have such great hair, you could have a mullet and it would look great!

alohanole913 said...

MY VOTE IS FOR #1, the SHORT! I think your hair already looks pretty similar to #2, cute already, so go big or go home or at least SHORT:) Can't wait to see it!!