Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trying not to pay attention

This morning I got up and started on some school work. After I was done, I thought I would surf the net for a little while, something I do not have much time for but LOVE to do, and my hubby was watching a movie. I did not realize when he started the movie how NASTY it was. People shooting peoples heads off, etc...EEEWWW!! So to keep my mind off the movie I really focused on surfing the net and looking for a new blog layout (to come soon) and found the info posted below and thought I would share. It is so easy to get comfortable with your hubby, I mean after all he is the love of your life and best friend what's not to be comfortable with?!?! But this website made me realize that even though comfortable is AMAZING, keeping the "spunk" alive is key to a successful marriage. Plus it keeps ya young too!! Anyways, just something I found interesting and thought I would share!

1. Flirt like it’s your first night together. Think back to those early days of dating. Every laugh, lingering look, or under-the-table leg brush was a guaranteed goose bump-giver. Well, you can turn back the clock to that supercharged premarried state by making a simple shift: Start flirting again. If you’re at a party, slink away, get a couple of drinks, and flirtatiously introduce yourself to your spouse like you’re strangers. It may take them a second to catch on, but once they do, it’ll set a sexier tone for the rest of the night -- and remind you both that there’s still a lot to discover about each other.

2. Make your spouse do a double-take. That’s one of the brilliant things about being a couple -- being so at ease in each other’s company. But there’s a line between being comfortable and letting yourselves go. (Hint: If you frequently show up to the dinner table in sweaty gym gear or go to bed with zit cream and prickly cactus legs, you’re guilty as charged.) Break out that lingerie crammed in the back of your drawer. Wear something backless. Shave and put on a nicer shirt than usual when you go out to dinner. It’s about showing your significant other that they’re still worth looking sexy for.

3. Try something new (channel surfing doesn’t count).You love your routine, so why mess? Well, shaking things up every once in a while keeps the zsa-zsa-zsu in your relationship. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, couples who participated in activities that they both considered highly exciting but moderately pleasant had a bigger boost in marital satisfaction than those who did activities that were highly pleasant but moderately exciting. Check out a concert you’d never think to get tickets for, or explore a totally different part of town. The adrenaline rush will be an aphrodisiac.

4. Pounce…even when you’re not in the mood.Skipping the most intimate act you and your spouse could possibly enjoy together, you’re not doing your relationship any favors. Here’s why: Intercourse and orgasms trigger oxytocin, the “love hormone,” to be released in your bodies, which makes you feel incredibly fused as a couple. Sex is also the gift that keeps on giving: The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it, so it actually stokes desire. So set that alarm clock a little earlier for some wake-up action, and put down that pint of mocha pecan postdinner and enjoy another kind of bedroom treat (better yet, bring in the ice cream too). You don’t need Olympic-level performances -- just enough enthusiasm to get that married mojo going.

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Beginning Again said...

Defin agree its IMPORTANT not to let things become so routine that you lose the spunk!
Thanks for the reminder!