Monday, April 27, 2009

Jekyll Island

This weekend we went to Jekyll Island and it was AMAZING! We saw homes that were built over 250 years ago, pretty OLD trees, lots of wild animals and had a relaxing time. The girls went to the beach while the boys were golfing, went to a Sea Turtle hospital and ate some GREAT food. Wish we could have stayed longer there was so much to do there. Here are some pics to share! We cant wait to go again.

The only bad part about the weekend is I got sunburned...BAD. I have had a horrible headache since yesterday and was very nauseous. Got up this morning for work and couldn't open the blinds because my head was hurting so bad. Parts of me are so burnt that clothing couldn't touch with out sharp burning feeling. I stayed home today to keep ice on my head, medicine every 4 hours and to stay laying down (since I cant sit very well). Even though I did get burnt pretty bad, I REALLY enjoyed the weekend (it was much needed)!!!
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Beginning Again said...

so glad you had such a great time! REST UP girlie!
I want some details about the trip maybe I can talk hubby into getting out of town here soon!
If you need anything call me!
FEeL BeTter soON!!!!

alohanole913 said...

Dang girl! Burnt to a crisp, eh? No fun! Hope your day of rest was well spent! Loved the pics, looks like a beautiful place!