Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's a wrap! Sry its a long one! :(

This weekend is almost over :( they just go by way too fast! Friday Tee and I went to dinner (mistake with it being grad weekend!) and rented some movies. I saw The Women which wasn't too bad. It was about a group of women (4) that are really close friends but are all going through very different parts of life. Ex: one is very successful doesnt care too much about marriage or a family just focused on work, then there is one who is like the tom-boy type and chooses women over men, then is the free spirited one who doesn't work but has 5 children and says she will stop once she has a boy, lastly is the very successful one, who husband makes goood $$ have a child but the love is forgotton. This woman doesn't realize her husband is cheating on her because she thinks that would never happen to her. The other three ladies try to tell her but she is in denial...I will stop there because I dont want to give it away. But I recommend the movie, there are some slow parts, but it was a good weekend relaxing movie!

Saturday, tee had prac I worked on school work and caught up on my shows from this past week (Tam: Are they seriously going to kill Izzy? I LOVE her! :( and KT: GIRL, can we say Adrien is CRAZY and PLS tell me Annie is NOT going to go out with that guy!?!?!) We caught up on school work (only took 6 1/2 hours!) and went to visit my mom. Who by the way was VERY thankful! poor thing is bored to death sitting on the coach...KT I told her your dad could relate! Tee and Dad grilled some burgers (after getting hungry from watching food network!)

TodAY: My POOR HOUSE...I know it was thinking "come on woman are you EVER going to clean me" I did today and it is SO nice to sit in your home when it smells so fresh and clean! The remainder of the day I plan to finish reading my book and eat this stew that I have been cooking ALLL is hard to smell it but know it has 3 hours left to cook!!!

I want to leave you all with a lil cartoon about weight loos because this morning I got on the scale and guess what!!!! I LOST ANOTHER 2 LBS!!!!! I am SO SO proud of myself. Not trying to brag but I haven't weight this since tee and I got engaged! Total weight loss since Jan. 16, 2009: 17 lbs

I hope everyone had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!! MUAH! :)

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alohanole913 said...

love the comic, i think the same thing happens to me! i do think they are killing izzy off, poor gal! glad ya'll had a good wknd, miss you guys:(