Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend Details

Friday night tee had his spring football game so we finished packing after he got home.

Saturday it was up early and headed to Q-town to drop little Duke off with the Dawkins for a weekend stay. We ended up getting to Port St. Joe about 12:00 had some lunch and toured the new resort...which I LOVE!!

Sunday we played beach bums ALL day, then the boys played golf that evening and we saw a turtle!! Normally we see gators or snakes but turtle was neat!

Monday we went to see the rest of the fam in PC it was PERFECT weather! We had a great dinner that night...I had grit cake and shrimp and turtle cake YUMO!

Tuesday we did some more beaching it up and headed back home.

But there were this group of men that were staying next to us who took up the WHOLE beach with their fishing poles. Literally, they had 30 poles on the BEACH! What were they fishing for you ask...SHARKS! YES sharks...I went crazy! For starters they were trashing the beach with fish guts, beer bottles, cig butts, and glow sticks (they hung from the line at night so ppl could see it). But my main concern was the cute little children playing in the 20 foot from where they caught a 6 foot shark!! They were fishing with a half of a sting ray and fish. When confronted about they danger they were putting everyone on the beach in, their response was "we didn't think about that!" HOW COULD YOU NOT!?!?!?!

It was a GREAT parents are still there lucky dogs!!! But if anyone is up for a beach trip, let me know I am ready to go back! :)


alohanole913 said...

First part made me HUNGRY! That's rediculous about the fishing thing...what does someone want a shark for anyway?!

PS- your dad's empty office behind me is making me pout since I know he's still there! LUCKY:)

Beginning Again said...

Glad you had a great time and made it home safely!!
I am going to the beach tomorrow...COME ALONG!!!