Saturday, June 13, 2009


That is what my weekend is all about! Last night we went shopping with my mom and have to tell you- had another "OMG thats Wal-Mart for you" experience! So there were two registers open (with the lights on I might add) and about 3 or 5 workers standing around chit chatting. One of the registers had a line and the other NO ONE! So I turned in and Tee started unloading, still no worker. As we are unloading, one of the workers (who was running their mouth) makes the comment " am not helping them. It is past my time. It is my time to go!" But she walks to the register, of course still stating that her time is expired! I just couldn't believe how rude she was being. Look lady it is not that hard, your time to go, finish checking the person out...TURN YOUR LIGHT OFF...and clock out. Gosh, whoever removed those instructions should be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY!

Another OMG story: two friends of ours and us went to Wal-Mart one night and the one friend had ten items. He also wanted to look at fragrances (after rounding up an employee) he decided on a sent and was escorted with the bottle to the check out counter. The employee set the bottle on the belt, two other employees standing their running their mouth, one looked at the cart and started counting. *Let me add, there was NO ONE in line or around other than the two employees talking* After counting that he had ten items, plus the bottle of fragrance, he had eleven. The woman says "ah, no I cant check him out he has eleven items" and points to her sign "ten items or less". I KID YOU NOT!! It was absolutely amazing!!

So away from the Wal-Mart stories, yes I have plenty more to share. After wal-mart we had some friends come visit and had a great time with them as usual! Then today we went to my mom's and swam! It was so nice and relaxing. Tonight we are CHILLIN. Tee is playing his wii, that he hardly has time for anymore, and I am blogging and about to work on some gifts! Tomorrow we are going to golf with his fam...cant wait! :)

Next gifts on the list to be made: single photo frames, message cork board, and topiary!!!

I will post pics of the progress and directions in case anyone is interested! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend as well!! Thank god for those relaxing days!

P.S. sorry this is so long!!! :(


Beginning Again said...

never be sorry for long posts!!
sad I didnt get to see you this wnkd :(
i love how you are blogging about your craft projects!! I will defin be checking back for those posts!

alohanole913 said...

LOL- girl I know what you talkin bout! How dare dat man try to check out wit dem 11 items?!? hahah