Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cheap...Fast...Easy...Cute Gift Idea

Another Christmas present down and many more to go!! Today I worked on a new Christmas gift project. Its four frames in one. This is my first attempt so there are many flaws...but that is what you get with homemade! I have about 6 of these total to make so I am sure they will get better looking the more I do, plus they are all going to be different colors and different patterns. When I say cheap (total about $6), fast (took an hour TOPS), easy (only a few steps) and cute (picture speaks for itself). Thought I would share the easy steps in case you would like to try. Hope you enjoy! :)

Step one: Purchse four frames (any size you want will do, mine were 4X6 I believe). I bought natural so I could paint them. You can buy pre-painted and skip a step! Hint: Dollar Store had TONSStep Two: Paint the frames your choice of color.
Step three: Lay out the frames how you want them to look. I hot-glued them together, you can used picture hangers to screw them together also.

Step four: Layout your ribbon, buttons, etc. to decorate with and secure. I hot-glued these as well.Step five: Dont forget to add the ribbon at the top to hang it by. Be sure when securing this ribbon that you put a LOT of glue or even maybe nail it to ensure its secure.

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alohanole913 said...

It turned out great! Looks easy too!