Sunday, August 16, 2009

A new blessing!

So a few weeks ago my hubby and I found out that we were preggo!!! We are so excited I can not even begin to explain it. We thought for so long that maybe we were not meant to be parents but then, like they say, when you least expect it it happens! I have an ultrasound pic to post but will have to do it on another entry because I am too lazy right now to upload it.

So far I have felt HUGE and had slight morning sickness, even though mine seems to happen AFTER lunch! I am approximately 7 weeks (tomorrow) according to the nurse on friday. We thought that I was about a week ahead, but the nurse measured the baby and that is what she got! I think she knows what she is doing so I will go with that!

I have noticed myself saying things that I dont mean, or I meant them to sound different. I REALLY hurt tee's feelings last night and couldn't understand why it hurt his feelings. Then I told my mom about it and she slapped me! She told me that was so rude and she understood why he was upset. I apologized to him MILLIONS of times, but I know it still hurt him. GOSH if I have about 7 months lefts of that I dont know wHAT I am gonna do! I also find myself commenting when people are talking and have had to stop myself from saying how I feel about something that probably should be kept to myself!! GEEEZZZZ my mouth is gonna get me in trouble!! :/

Nothing else really to post at this point! I did get to read my baby book yesterday at mom's and it gave me an idea to do a baby diary for my lil one (thats what I am calling him/her for now) to read when they get older. Also I think it will be neat to sit back and read through what I felt and was going through after all is said and done! So I started the diary tonight and it was a fairly long entry this time but I had to get my lil one up to date! Oh I also want to include the food that I ate for that day...wont that be funny to keep track of! So my plan is to write in my diary (or to my lil one) every evening and I will try to post on here as well to keep you all up to date the Dawkins journey to parenthood!

Just as an FYI, we are telling people about the pregnancy but I dont think we are ready to "advertise" it on FB so for now I think I will just blog about our lil one since I have this thing set as private anyway!!! I hope you all dont get bored with my prego entries, I will try to not write TOTALLY about the pregnancy!!

But in closing, Tee and I are so happy we just can not believe it and are constantly praying "happy and healthy" that's are main concern for our lil one!


Beginning Again said...

YIPPPPEEE!! Can't wait for belly pics and more baby blogging!!!
SO happy for you two! I can honeslty say I have been there and know how tough it is and how anxious I was.
This lil one is a blessing and we will be praying for you guys (all 3 of you!!!)

alohanole913 said...

WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am SOOOO excited for you guys, yayayay!! Can't wait to see your baby belly too!! love ya'll!!