Monday, August 17, 2009

Turn 'em into a pickle!?!?

I have been feeling great until about noon everyday then the "morning sickness" sets in. The only thing I have found that makes me feel better is PICKLES! I ate pickles and drank the juice ALL day!! I am getting worried that I may turn my lil one into a pickle...

It is VERY early in the making but I may be able to apply for a promotion and I am pretty excited about it. It will be with a different agency and will be slightly different work so that makes me excited. I am the type of person that loves a challenge, I dont like to be bored and I think this may be a good thing for me. I am not LOOKING for another job but I got a phone call from a fellow friend asking me to consider the position because they thought I would be GREAT at it. Always makes you feel good when people want you! So I said what the heck I'll apply this may be God's way of opening a door for me so we shall see how it goes!


Beginning Again said...

Hope the sickness passes quickly!

alohanole913 said...

That's awesome news! And I love pickles, I wouldn't mind if it were a pickle;)