Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feeling LAZY!

I got up this morning and did not want to go to work...but I did anyway. Then when I got there seemed like everything made me mad and I wasn't feeling the best. So I told my boss I was going home to take a nap at lunch, but I never returned to work ;) DONT WORRY I called and told them I wasn't coming back.

I layed on the sofa and slept all afternoon and enjoyed every minute of it! Now, I just finished dinner and dont really feel like putting away this laundry :( ready to go back to sleep!

Oh well, good thing I have an AMAZING hubby who cleaned the WHOLE house and did the laundry so I can be lazy and sleep all I want tonight!!!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY YEEE HAAWWW!!!! I couldnt be more excited for friday than I am this week!! Then shower on looking forward to that as well!!


Beginning Again said...

ooh I have an idea...take off tomorrow and hang out with us!! :)

alohanole913 said...

i know i am late, haven't checked my blogs in a while! so glad you are able to take it easy when needed:)