Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pregnancy FULL FORCE!

I am so excited to report...I FEEL PREGNANT!! My boobs hurt, NO food sounds good to me, if I dont eat I feel sick, if I eat I feel sick, and most importantly I HAVE NO PATIENCE! I am happy that I feel these things because to me that means everything is A OK with my lil one.

Today I actually felt pretty good this morning, no sickness. Around 8AM I started feeling the sicky feeling coming so I started eating and that was it, I ate every two hours until I got home, since then I have only eaten twice (in two hours). But here is the thing, no food really sounds good to me right now. I cant say that I am "craving" anything. I read these blogs online about all these women craving crazy things, but I am not craving anything right now. However there is some food I, for whatever reason, do not want any part of and that is MEAT! I know this is so weird for me right!??! I am like a meat girl I could live off meat, well pre-pregnancy, now it GAGS me! Tee picks on me and calls me a vegan but I cant help it. I think I want the meat, I cook it, it looks yummy, but I take a bite of it and EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW I hand my plate to hubby and ask him if he wants my meat! I talked to mom about this and she said she was the same way but she said "trust me you will love meat again".

I also have noticed myself getting very impatient when it comes to my food. I expect when I say I am hungry, there better be food for me to eat RIGHT THEN! This is something I hate to admit but I must work on. For example, I am waiting on hubby to get home from practice so we can go get dinner and the wait is KILLING ME!

The bathroom and me have become BFF, all day and all night. Last night I finally got mad and said SCREW IT I will stay awake! That only lasted about half hour and I was back asleep.

The bloated feeling I remember from previous weeks seems to have gotten a LOT better. I feel like my tummy is bigger but I dont feel bloated, thank goodness! I talked to a fellow pregger and she suggested I drink more water and it would help with the bloating. I have tried to do that and it has worked.

So excited for this weekend and much needed time away! Hope yall have a great weekend and even better weekend!!!


Beginning Again said...

More water=More peeing...its like you cant win! haha!!

Its so funny re-living my pregnancy through you! that impatient thing jst gets WORSE! Tell your hubby and love ones to WATCH OUT!
Pretty soon you might get the "READING WAAAAY to much into what ppl are saying"-its when you take offense to everything ppl say, even if they arent meaning anything by what they are saying.
Pregnancy does some funny things to you!!


I hope you have a GREAT time on your vacay! You definitely deserve it!

alohanole913 said...

Yay!!! For the ups and downs! I think you should just wear adult diapers and then you'd never have to worry about it:) that'd be cute, right!? lol. can't wait to start seeing your baby belly!!