Sunday, September 27, 2009

I should be doing homework instead of blogging :(

I went to the doctor this past Friday, they did not do an ultrasound so no picture to share. :( I saw a different doctor, Dr. Franz, because at the doctor office I go to there are many doctors and they want each patient to see every doctor there before you give birth. He wasn’t bad, answered my many questions and took time to make sure everything was ok with me and my lil one. He did check the heartbeat with the Doppler and we got to hear it. I love that sound, the most reassuring and calming sound I have ever heard. The heartbeat on Friday was 140 bpm. This made me and hubby concerned because the heartbeat has been around 170 but the doctor reassured us that the heartbeat will fluctuate throughout pregnancy because of different things, eating, sleeping, etc. Although we were told everything was ok, hubby was upset. He likes to see the ultrasound to know that everything is a-OK!

While I was there the nurse asked if I wanted to get tested for birth defects…this is something I am really having trouble with. I want to get tested because if we can prepare for something I would like to, but I don’t want to get this test done because I don’t want to worry the whole pregnancy. So I am torn and need help deciding what to do. Hubby told me that it was completely my decision because I will be the one getting blood drawn from, however at first when the nurse asked he did not hesitate or have to think before he answered “yes we want to take that test”. So I know he wants me to do it, but I am still nervous and don’t know what I want to do. I have a little while to think about it though because I cant have the tests done until 16weeks so I have about 3 weeks to think about it.

I am also torn because I have LOVED the name Savannah from day one and still really like it for a little girl, but I have been searching for boy names this morning because I have a feeling peanut might be a little boy. Either way I will be so excited, a little boy because I can dress him up to look like a lil man and hubby will be able to be rough with him (of course not at first) and play with him. A little girl because I have found SO many craft ideas that I found online to make for little girls. But like I said of course either way will be so excited to be blessed with them in our live. So back to the names, I was online searching for boy names this morning and decided I do not like “normal” names. I googled “unisex baby names” and added a lot to my list…so (for today) my top favs are:

Dane(Zane) Wyatt (hubby is not a fan of Dane :( )

Payton Reese (I know, TOTALLY not what I have been liking but I just fell in love with it this morning)

These names will change again probably a hundred times before the final name is decided on so I am not getting too excited about any of them for now! :)

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alohanole913 said...

Love Dane Wyatt;) and Payton is very cute too! For the tests, that is something only you can decide. I know it'd be hard, but I think I would have to get the test. Either to give me a piece of mind or to like you said become prepared. It's all up to you! love ya!