Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello Blog its Me....Mommy to be!! :)

I have officially been called "glowing momma to be" SEVERAL times this week and I just cant help it. Dont get me wrong I have ALWAYS been so excited about being prego and cant wait to meet my lil man, however I started feeling him move this past friday and let me tell you I have FALLEN IN LOVE with this lil guy. It is like we have connected on a whole new level. I know it may sound a little cheesy, however it is the truth! So anyway, I have fallen in love with my lil man all over again and my belly. It is the weirdest thing because I have NEVER liked my stomach but recently I have found a new love for my ever growing belly and I have never felt more beautiful!

Also this week hubby finished Brody’s room and I think it looks GREAT!!! We still have some wall art to look for and things like that but the big stuff is done and what a relief. Next stop on the agenda registering and day care searching! L Not looking forward to those two.

Yesterday we went to the doctor to see lil man and he was such a stinker! I love it that he already seems to have his own little personality. The tech was trying to get a good picture of his heart but he was not wanting to move. She started pushing on my belly and he was getting mad. He started curling his lip up and started kicking the ultrasound tool each time she put it on my belly…it was so funny! Then at the end I guess he knew she was done and he put that finger in his mouth and just relaxed!

So as far as “glowing” yes I def am and can feel it. I love it and I know I am going to love motherhood so much more!! Life is GREAT!


Beginning Again said...

you have never looked more beautiful! so happy for you! motherhood is amazing, its this new and exciting love that you can never explain to ppl without children!
Glad your back in the blogging world, I have missed ya!!

alohanole913 said...

loving the update, i can't wait to feel him move!!