Thursday, April 26, 2012

Put a Little Color In It

When we moved in our home we were brown-happy.  Everything we own and put in our living room is some shade of brown.  I love it but was ready for some color.  I got to it this past weekend. I picked up the spray paint Friday night and got busy. 


There were some items in the living room that were from our old town home and I felt like I could paint them and if they did not turn out, hubby would not be too mad with me.


First up to bat: this hurricane lamp (is that what this is called?) I taped off the glass part and teal it became.  I wanted to add some teal to the living room so I thought the spray paint would be the prefect (and cheap) way to accomplish this.

IMG_1702 copyIMG_1962 copy

I’m not too happy with the results, but I do like how the colors pop against the walls and on the rustic table.


Second up:  candle stick holders.  I loved the scroll work they have but I thought the black looked a little dated, plus it was kind of boring to me…so teal they became.

IMG_1703 copyIMG_1964 copy

I love the results this one had.  The teal on top of the tv stand really pops but without being overwhelming. 


Next: my tray…this is my favorite of all projects from this past weekend.  Unfortunately I was so eager to get started on it, I forgot to take a before picture for ya.  But picture this: it was a dark brown color with a glass bottom that held four 4x6 pictures of our little man’s  3d/4d ultrasound…awe the memories!


First thing I did, spray paint the entire thing white.  Including the glass (actually the VERY first thing I did was take it apart and prime it).  It was a very damp Friday night/Saturday morning so I brought the tray inside to “cure” in the air conditioning.

IMG_1958 copy

IMG_1960 copy

Then it was time for the hard part, I taped off the chevron stripes.  This took me about an hour to do, but it was so worth it in the end.  After I was happy with the stripes, I took that bad boy back outside and spray painted the entire glass teal.  Because of the dampness, I let it sit all night.  First thing the next morning, I removed the tape and tada!

photo 1 (1)

I honestly am in love with it.  I could not wait to stage it.  I am still on the hunt for some other little things to add to the tray but for now, I’m loving the simple-ness so everyone can see the hard work I put into it.

photo 2 (1)

Last: the vase.  Again, no before picture…shame on me!! But it was a bronze metal vase.  I love the shape of the vase but again wanted to add some color.  So I painted it white.  I’m not loving how plain it looks now…so the wheels are spinning and I am sure soon this vase will look very different.

IMG_1968 copy

I’m working on adding some yellow, some where and somehow…this just might be the place.  We shall see!  I’m really enjoying all the pop of color that I have been able to add to the room, it has made a huge difference and it sure is starting to feel like home sweet home!

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