Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jacksonville Trip Day One


This past weekend we decided to take a quick getaway to Jacksonville.  We were not really sure what we would do once we got there but we knew we needed wanted some time away.  We wanted to getaway for a couple of reasons: we have never taken our family (just us) anywhere, we have not had a vacation in a long time, and we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this weekend…that sounds like the perfect reasons to get away to me.  Most people would say “why on earth would you take the babies”…here is our reason: because they are who we are at five years married!  Our life could not be anymore perfect than it is today WITH our babies.  We were so excited and could not wait to get them there.  I was so excited about our trip that I could not sleep the night before we left.

We left for Jacksonville around 2:00, which put us arriving there during five o’clock traffic.  My poor country boy was driving in six lanes of bumper to bumper not moving traffic.  I felt so bad for him.  But he handled it like a champ Winking smile

IMG_0196 copy

This is the babies stuff…just theirs…for only two days…I think I need to work on packing only what is needed.  I just worry that what if I do not pack something then you know THAT will be exactly what we need and cannot find anywhere.

IMG_0198 copy

Reading her book, just leaving Tally and ready to be there.

IMG_0199 copy

Little man reading about the animals, practicing his sounds for the zoo.

IMG_0201 copy

Daddy trying to pay attention to the road, despite momma snapping away for the entire 2 hours drive…side note:  I am IN LOVE with my new toy and I would like to apologize in advance for the abundance of pictures that our trip has.  I could not stop snapping.  I did, however, reduce the pictures from 800 down to only 200! Smile you should be proud! And no,  I do not plan on posting all 200 pictures (only about 150 Winking smile)

IMG_0225 copy

Our hotel!!  For those who know a little bit about Jax, we stayed in the Hilton Homewood Suites located in the Saint Johns Town Center...we HIGHLY recommend it, especially for families with babies.  This hotel, which I just realized I did not get a picture of the room…how did that happen!?  But our room was a suite, I’m talking full kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.  It was like an apartment.  It was perfect.  We were able to put the babies in their pack-n-play in the living room, shut the door to the bedroom and let them cut some zzzzzz

IMG_0226 copy

First thing we did when we got there, get unloaded and explore.  It was time for dinner so the babies, and momma and daddy, were ready for some grub.  The problem we have when we travel is planning our entire trip around food…ok who am I trying to fool…that’s not a problem but a priority!  Momma already knew where we would spend our first night eating.  Can anyone guess?  If you are familiar with the Town Center, I will give you a clue it is on the right as you are pulling in…

IMG_0227 copy

Hubby at the restaurant.

IMG_0228 copy

The four of us…even though you cannot see baby girl.  Another side note:  this will be the only picture of all four of us for the entire trip.  I , being the photographer of the family, do not get in many pictures.  I really need to work on asking people to take of picture and not worrying about what they may think.  Oh well, at least we got one picture of all of us.

IMG_0229 copy

Little man ready for his food, another clue those are bananas on his plate?  Still do not know where we ate?

IMG_0230 copy

Baby girl was a fan!

IMG_0231 copy

Daddy was even surprised at how much he loved it…still no clue!?

IMG_0232 copy

Yes, the Cheesecake Factory!!!  Let me say this for the record, the best and I do mean BEST food we have EVER had from a restaurant.  We all loved it, so much that we ate there on night two as well!

IMG_0251 copy

The babies enjoyed the hotel room almost as much as they did the zoo.  They had the best time playing with the bathroom doors and the cabinets.  They would have played hide and seek all night it we would have let them.

IMG_0252 copy

Another awesome thing about this hotel was there was a store downstairs that you could pick up whatever you wanted to eat or drink and they would “charge it” to your room.  Yes, we felt fancy!  That sounds so bad but we are not hard to please and we pigged out on those snacks.

IMG_0260 copy

No the cheesecake was not at the store, I got that to go from the Cheesecake Factory.  I got the turtle one…

IMG_0265 copy

Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.  I made an arm, leg and all of my toes for the little piece of cheesecake…however I am certain it was well worth it.  I would do it all over again if I could!

So much more to come but I wanted to get something posted today, I’m trying to be devoted to my blog and not miss a day…so far so good!


I could not end the post without saying, HAPPY EASTER!!!  Today was such an amazing Easter, I will give you more on that a little later…I have to get through the Jacksonville pictures first!!!


Tamara said...

You need to invest in a remote, then you can always be in the pics and won't have to worry about beating a timer or asking someone to take it :)

Renee said...

I do!! One purchase at a time with hubby! haha but that would be an awesome mothers day gift ;) (i don't think he reads my blog, lol will have to suggest it other ways)