Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little Man is Growing Up!

This weekend was his birthday. I cannot believe two years ago we brought home our brand new bundle of joy. Where does the time go? I remember just like it was yesterday, laying in that hospital bed and thinking he was NEVER going to get here. Then I remember when he was about four months old, thinking that he would never walk. Now, fast forward two years, my little man is running, jumping, climbing, laughing, talking, loving his sister, blowing kisses to everyone he meets, mocking everything his daddy and I do, and making our lives so enjoyable.

I cannot believe the little man that he is turning into, he makes me so proud each and every day. Ok, enough of the mushy stuff, let's get to his party. I actually do not have a lot of pictures because I am currently experiencing camera problems, I am working HARD on hubby for a solution to that. Thankfully I have other family members that took pictures, so I will be stealing those as soon as I am able.

Saturday morning we started his birthday with donuts for breakfast and played in the yard, little man's choice. Then him and his sister took a nap while daddy and I prepared for the birthday bash. It was fun, spending time with family and friends and just enjoying watching him play and open his gifts...perfect day for my little man.

My mom has been in Italy all week, what a life huh??  But in her defense, she was there for work so she did not even get to enjoy it that much.  But she got in late on little man's birthday so she could not be part of his party, it was sad and we really missed her.  It felt weird for me to not have her there, but she did get to come over today to celebrate with him.  So Gammy and Pawpaw came over with more cake and his presents.  When they first got here the babies were still napping so they had the pleasure of waking them up.  It's probably my favorite thing to be the one to get them up, most of the time I should say because they wake up so happy and smiley and life is just GREAT for them at that moment and when they look at you with those HUGE smiles your heart will literally melt.

So after we got the babies up, first thing we did was eat cake.  The babies were still sleepy and took a while to wake up but he was so happy to see his Gammy and so was I.  We did presents and played for a while, then the babies got tired and were ready for naps so Gammy and Pawpaw headed home.  

That wraps up our weekend.  Birthday party fun for the birthday boy...that was all it was about and it was perfect.  Thank you so much everyone that came and was able to make his birthday special for him.  We really appreciate it and love you all!

Please excuse the craziness of the pictures in this post...I have been having extreme blog difficulties lately and I am not sure why.  I'm working on figuring it out though...hope ya'll have a great week!

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