Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was very fast but very relaxing too.  Friday night we enjoyed a date night.  I did not get any pictures because, well I was enjoying a night out!  It is so nice to have a night just for us to be us and let the kids go be kids with the grandparents. 


Saturday we got up and wasted about two hours of our life waiting on an oil change.  Tell me this, why does EVERYONE get their oil changed at the same dealership as me and first thing Saturday morning?!  Really, I know that is not the case but man it sure felt like it this weekend.  After the oil change, we headed to the farm…I could not WAIT to get there and start snapping pictures.  I have kind of become obsessed (more so than before) with taking pictures.  I have some really awesome ones of the actual “farm”, those will come in another post.


For now I want to share our “family” pictures  that I took out there. 

IMG_1715 copy

When I went shopping with my MIL and picked up my succulents, she also picked up a few plants of her own…this one being my favorite.  I am not sure what it is but I thought it was so pretty.

IMG_1848 copy

Mr. Handsome Smile I cannot help but think he is so perfect!

IMG_1888 copy

She is pretty perfect too…although in a different way.  This is what she likes to do best, eat!

IMG_1908 copy

See, what did I tell ya?!? Baby girl eating again.

IMG_1922 copy

Looking for their Papaw.

IMG_1924 copy

We had the intent of jumping in the pool real fast while we were there picking the babies up.  However, Saturday it STORMED!  We walked outside in between storms and was just going to put our feet in the pool.  However little man decided he was going to just get on in.  Clothes and all.  Daddy had to join him, then babygirl and Nana.  But they had fun playing in the rain, in their clothes, and in the pool.  Because it was raining, I did not get many pictures and the ones I did get were taken quickly. 

IMG_1932 copy

IMG_1943 copy

IMG_1955 copy

These are the new puppies.  Latest addition to the farm.  They have a place to get out of the rain, but they were happy curled up together on the porch.  So sweet!

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