Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Green is Good

As I sit in my living room night after night I have realized one thing, it is too dark!  I know, we just painted this entire house.  I have no intentions of repainting this living room for at least six months a year.  But I did start looking online for ideas of how to brighten up the room.  I came up with several ideas, starting with going green.  Plants are a must in every home, in my opinion!  I think every home should have at least one plant…mine had NONE!!! WHAT?!?!! So I took care of that this weekend.


Saturday we met my mom at the plant sale.  The plant sale (I do not know what it is called, or if it has an actual name) is all native plants for our area so they are more likely to survive and thrive in this environment.  Little man had a great time carrying Gammy’s plants for her, and even picked out a couple of his own.  We (me and little man) went and picked up this interesting looking one.

IMG_1551 copy

The plant is called a “horse tail” and I stopped by Target on the way home to pick up the pot and soil.

IMG_1553 copy

By the way, while I was outside getting my plant together I noticed this attached to the side of my home.  Anyone have any idea what this thing is?!?! I thought maybe a butterfly, but the thing looks like foam!?

IMG_1556 copy

Here she is in her new place.  I love the pop of color it helps bring to the room.  Little man tried to talk me into getting a yellow pot instead of the blue…kind of wish I had but the blue goes more with my “future views” for the living room lightening project.

IMG_1558 copy

I love how the plant has texture and is modern looking.  I like how it is not your typical “house plant”.  I am not sure how the horse tail will survive in the house.  I was told it likes a lot of water and sun.  I try to water it a lot and the living room gets a good bit of sunlight during the day. We shall see, I hope it does survive because I really like it!

Then Saturday night I went to Home Depot on the hunt for succulents.  I love succulents and how simple they are to maintain.  They do not require a lot of water, nor a big pot.  I was SO happy to find a set of nine different succulents for only $12.  I was really happy with that because they are typically $4 a piece, so pretty good deal.  I wanted to separate them out into small pots and place around the home for some green in every room.  I used votive holders for the pots…turned out exactly how I imagined!  I’m in love with my new babies!!!

Go Green

I just hope I can keep them all alive…and check out the red one.  Did you know they made a succulent that bloomed so pretty?!  I had no idea, this was the only one left at the Depot so I snatched it up pretty quickly.

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Tamara said...

I love love love all the plants! I was sitting on my couch the other night and counted EIGHT plants that I could see between my kitchen, entry and living room...2 or 3 are fake but they just make the room so much happier! I'm obsessed. My succulent that I've had for months and months looks like it's starting to die on me though. I need to go pick up that bunch that you bought - such a good deal!!