Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Beautiful Hump Day

Today my sister would have been 21 years old. That seems so crazy to me. I cannot help but wonder today what would she be like. Would she be in school? Or working a career? What would her career have been? Would she have a boyfriend or a husband? What kind of aunt would she have been to my babies? What would our relationship be like? Would she be my best friend? Would she still be living here? Would she be gorgeous like I remember her as a child?

I know shes my guardian angel and is so much better off in Heaven but I wish she was here with us.

But in a way I feel like she is. We named baby girl after her aunt and could not Have chosen a better name for her. See my sister was a very loving and caring little girl. She was a typical girl though, loved all things girly from pink dresses to Barbie dolls and sparkly shoes. She loved to be left alone in her room playing house and dress up. At the same time she was very good at being a typical woman as well. She would be the first to put a boy in his place, or where she thought he should be. She would gladly speak over our mother to tell the lady in the drive through at McDonald's that they should not advertise a toy that they clearly cannot provide the children when they order a happy meal. All of this, my friends, coming from a four year old. To sum her up, she was our little pistol.

When I say we named baby girl after her aunt, I mean not only did we name her after my sister but she is filling those shoes to the max. She is just like her. Although she cannot speak yet, she can point that little finger at me an "ahh" reminds me of my sister telling the McDonald's lady how she needed to find her a Disney princess like the sign said they had. Baby girl is 100% living in her footsteps and it could not make me prouder. To top it off she looks like her.

I didn't see it as much when she was first born but there is not a day goes by that I look at her and cannot see my sister...its strange how genes work. Don't get me wrong there are facial expressions she gives me that are totally her daddy but for the most part it's my sister.

Today is my sisters day, and will always be. But to honor her I want to post a pic of baby girl because she is filling her aunts shoes perfectly and I know she would be so proud!

Happy 21 birthday aunt Marie!


Ashleigh-Anne: said...

Aww this made me tear up! I never knew you had a sister. What a sweet tribute to her. I'm glad you were old enough to have memories of her before she went to be with Jesus.

Renee said...

Yes, I'm glad I was old enough to remember her too. She was such as special person. I'm glad baby girl reminds me of her, helps keep her "alive" in a way. I can't wait to tell her all about her aunt one day :)