Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo Collage in PSE

I am a very new user to Photoshop Elements (PSE), like less than two weeks. So as I write this quick tutorial please remember I'm a beginner so if you see something that is "wrong" please let me know. This is "my way" on making a photo collage.

I googled how to do it for days and most tutorials were too detailed, confused me, or just didn't interest me after step 6 or 7. So I wanted to do a quick 5 step way to a photo collage for you to use on your blog, website, or photo sharing site.  Hope you can find it useful!

1. In PSE, click file-new, select the blank one with "white" as the background.  Don't worry, you can change the color later. To me the hardest part is knowing what size to make the template. I changed the measurements from inches to pixels and then literally just played around with the numbers until it was shaped how I wanted (square, rectangle, landscape, portrait, etc.) Note: I am not sure if these measurements/pixels will work for for printing these collages, I just make them to use on my blog.

2. Add your pictures. Click file-place, select your first picture. The picture will originally post in full size, so then you will need to resize and shape it however your little heart desires ;) once its how you want, then arrange it on your template where you want it to go. Repeat this for all of your pictures.


Full size picture


Pictures are arranged and sized accordingly.

Note: each picture you add will create a new "layer". So if you have to resize or move a picture you will have to go back to that picture's "layer" and make the changes.

3. After your collage is arranged how you want, now you can change the background color. If you want to keep it white then skip to step 4. Select the color you want, locate the "background" layer and paste.


4: "Flatten". I do not know if this step is "necessary" but I did it. I used pioneer woman's "flatten" action to flatten all my layers into one.  (Get her fabulous actions here)


5: Save your collage and post!

Again, this is a very basic collage tutorial but you can do so many different variations for you liking.

I hope this is helpful for you!

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