Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jacksonville Zoo- Part Two

This trip was only a two day trip, but man did I snap a few pictures or what!?  Thank God for digital cameras, can you imagine the cost of developing this many pictures, then to buy an album? 

So where were we?  Oh yes, more snakes!

IMG_0457 copy

Outside of the snake exhibit was metal gator and there were a bunch of kids posing on it for pictures, so you know little man had to give it a shot too.

IMG_0458 copy

IMG_0460 copy

Watch out Animal Planet, he’s ready for his own reality gator wrestling show! Smile

IMG_0462 copy

And what do we have here, Daddy on the metal monkey.  Like father, like son.  Little man thought Daddy was hilarious mounting that monkey for a posed picture, I admit I laughed too!

IMG_0463 copy

Cracking up at Daddy.

IMG_0468 copy

He wanted to be like Daddy and take a picture with the monkey.

IMG_0473 copy

This squirrel would NOT leaving us alone.  I guess they are used to people feeding them, but this thing was like following us and we were trying hard to not run him over but I mean come on get outta the way!

IMG_0475 copy

IMG_0483 copy

These monkeys were so scary looking.  They looked like burnt people, I couldn’t stand to take too many pictures of them.  Not to mention when we first walked up they were doing the hankey pankey, thankfully my babies are not old enough to ask “what is that monkey doing to the other monkey”.  Although I did enjoy listening to the momma standing beside me try to explain that to her little girl.

IMG_0488 copy

IMG_0489 copy

Now that’s what I am talking about, cute monkeys!

IMG_0493 copy

IMG_0494 copy

IMG_0497 copy

IMG_0505 copy

We could not have asked for better weather.  When we first got there it was raining and we were worried about what that meant for the rest of the day.  After the park opened the clouds cleared out and by the afternoon it was sunny and warm.  Awesome weather for an awesome zoo day!

IMG_0508 copy

The butterfly exhibit was next, it was neat but honestly I was not that impressed…therefore only a few pictures were taken.  I did find these little mushrooms interesting.  It looked like they took tree trunks from clearing the land and made concrete toppers for them and painted them to look like mushrooms…different!

IMG_0509 copy

IMG_0510 copy

IMG_0514 copy

IMG_0515 copy

IMG_0516 copy

This was the komodo dragon (I’m really not sure if that is how you spell it).  That was a large animal and very boring.  He just looked at us.  I mean I don’t really know what I expected a komodo dragon to do but compared to the monkeys, he was pretty boring.

IMG_0517 copy

Some type of bamboo that I thought was interesting.  I have never seen any like this before…anyone know what it is called??? No, me neither!

IMG_0521 copy

IMG_0524 copy

IMG_0525 copy

After a few stops to smells the yummo honeysuckle we were on to Australia.

IMG_0526 copy

IMG_0532 copy

IMG_0534 copy

IMG_0537 copy

IMG_0539 copy

I took a LOT of pictures of this bird.  I love the coloring of his feathers and the shape of his beak.  He was so neat to me.  Plus I could get super close to him and he didn’t move one bit.

IMG_0541 copy

IMG_0542 copy

IMG_0548 copy

IMG_0551 copy

IMG_0553 copy

These two birds remind me of me and hubby.  I think they may be called “love birds” but I’m not sure.  But if you look closely you can see the one bird is biting the other.  Like me and hubby picking on each other all the time, its just what we do, how we show our affection!

IMG_0555 copy

IMG_0561 copy

IMG_0562 copy

IMG_0567 copy

IMG_0568 copy

IMG_0573 copy

IMG_0576 copy

IMG_0578 copy

IMG_0582 copy

IMG_0587 copy

IMG_0588 copy

IMG_0597 copy

IMG_0599 copy

Baby girl did not get to see much of Australia, she took her a nappy nap. 

IMG_0600 copy

IMG_0610 copy

While she was sleeping, I wanted to feed the giraffes with little man.  It was so fun and he really enjoyed it!

IMG_0614 copy

IMG_0621 copy

IMG_0631 copy

IMG_0640 copy

When we first past the elephants they were still sleeping so we had to go back to Africa and see them before we headed out.  It was neat, when we got there this guy was mixing mud by taking water from the pond putting it on the dirt mixing it to make mud and then squirting it on himself.  We watched him do this for a good half hour, so interesting.

IMG_0645 copy

IMG_0651 copy

IMG_0654 copy

By that time, baby girl was awake and we took them to ride the carousel.  I was being lazy and did not want to change my lens so imagine me taking these picture by hanging off the alligator as it went up and down and the entire carousel went around…dizzy does not even begin to explain it!

IMG_0660 copy

IMG_0663 copy

IMG_0667 copy

She realized “crap, I need to hang on”

IMG_0670 copy

Next up the tuxedo palace, aka the penguins.

IMG_0677 copy

IMG_0688 copy

IMG_0694 copy1

After that we took the kids to the play zone for some water fun before heading to the train for our ride out of the zoo.

IMG_0700 copy

IMG_0720 copy

IMG_0729 copy

IMG_0733 copy

IMG_0755 copy

IMG_0774 copy

IMG_0789 copy

IMG_0792 copy

IMG_0798 copy

IMG_0800 copy

Little man was so excited to get to ride the train.  It was funny when we first got there he said “TRAIN?” like a huge question.  We told him, yes buddy we will get to ride it later…he looked at us like NO WAY.  He has never seen a train in person before so I can only imagine how excited he was.

IMG_0804 copy

IMG_0813 copy

IMG_0823 copy

IMG_0828 copy

IMG_0834 copy

We were able to see some behind the scenes stuff on the train ride.  It was neat to see where the animals actually live.

After the zoo we headed back to the hotel to clean up and went out to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner again and back to the hotel for some down time.

IMG_0849 copy

Saturday morning, our intention was to get up eat breakfast shop around a little bit and head out around lunch time.  The babies woke up early and the shops did not open for an hour after we got done with breakfast so we decided to head on home.

IMG_0856 copy

Some pictures of the town center that we stayed in, it was so nice and pretty.

IMG_0859 copy

IMG_0861 copy

There was a turtle pond that was the center of the town center with little bridges and pretty flowers.

IMG_0865 copy

IMG_0870 copy

IMG_0872 copy

IMG_0883 copy

IMG_0888 copy

IMG_0890 copy

IMG_0891 copy

We were all pooped by the time we headed home.  It was a fast trip but it was a relaxing one.  We had such a great time and are so thankful we were able to take a trip to get away but not be too exhausted when we returned home.  I know we really enjoyed it and I think the babies did as well.  We cannot wait to take the back maybe next spring.

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