Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Decorations- Repurpose Shutters

Have you seen all the shutter repurposing ideas floating around Pinterest?  I saw one a long time ago when I first signed up for Pinterest and fell in love.  The project repurposed a shutter into a mail organizer, I loved the look and could not wait to get into our home to hang mine. 

IMG_1561 copy

I hung the shutter right in the garage door.  Typically I am the one collecting the mail everyday so this is a nice place to drop it off on my way in the house.  Doesn’t she look awesome on that wall?  I removed the picture that was hanging there because it really does not match our new décor, it is from our town home and matched perfect there.  I have another repurposing idea for it, hopefully I will get that doe this weekend and be able to share with you next week. 

IMG_1563 copy

Here is another picture of the shutter hanging out in the hallway.  This was a simple project I just hung the thing right on the wall.  I am thinking about maybe adding a couple rosettes to it, or something to dress it up some.  But for right now I’m loving the rustic-ness of it.  I may decide to change it up in the next couple of months and add something to it…but we shall see.


While I was working on some decorating, I added the children’s books to the bottom of this table.  I have been searching, and searching, and searching for decorations for my tables in the living room.  They are so naked and it is driving me crazy.  I want them to be dressed up and pretty, but also kid friendly.  I thought I would use the books as decorations because that way if they played with them it would be ok but this only lasted a day or two and then the books were back in their room…so still searching for kid friendly decorations.

IMG_1564 copy

IMG_1565 copy

I’m so excited that tomorrow is Friday, I’m looking forward to some relaxation this weekend.  I hope to get outside and get some more practice with my new toy. Hope you have a fun weekend planned!!


Oh, and happy Small Friday Yall!

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