Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was jammed packed!!  It was so awesome though.  Friday night was pizza and family night, just hung out at the house…so relaxing. 

Saturday we got up and met Gammy at the Goodwood plant sell.  Goodwood is an old plantation here in town and I am absolutely in love with the home, it is so pretty.  I love southern, outside, country pictures so I’m a sucker for pictures at Goodwood.  When Gammy asked if we wanted to join her, I couldn’t resist.  Not only did I get to see my momma, I got to practice with my new toy a little bit.  I’m getting there…

By the way, I have FINALLY learned how to make a collage, so I can minimize the amount of pictures I upload…don’t worry grandparents there are still a LOT of pictures of the babies for ya!

Goodwood Collage1

The babies enjoyed that gazing ball.

Goodwood Collage2

Goodwood Collage3

And playing in the tree…I love having babies, makes me remember being a child and how simple life was.

IMG_1492 copy

IMG_1493b copy

IMG_1497 copy

IMG_1502 copy

IMG_1536 copy

This is probably my favorite from the day, love that he is looking at her smiling Smile

IMG_1540 copy

Saturday night we went shopping with Nana for some plants (more on that in another post)

Then Sunday we got to celebrate a handsome man’s first birthday.  We had so much fun and got to see friends we haven’t seen in a long time.

IMG_1580 copy

There was a swing set there, the babies loved it (hint hint Santa if you are reading this).

IMG_1584 copy

IMG_1587 copy

IMG_1588 copy

Daddy had fun helping them down the swing.  Love how babygirl is waiting her turn in the background.

IMG_1590 copy

IMG_1591 copy

After her turn, she enjoyed making her Daddy nervous by hanging out of the swing set.

IMG_1592 copy

IMG_1593 copy

IMG_1595 copy

There was also a lot of riding going on…

IMG_1596 copy

IMG_1598 copy

IMG_1600 copy

IMG_1603 copy

Then Daddy got behind the camera, not too bad…and he wasn’t in “auto”.  Go babe!

IMG_1608 copy

IMG_1620 copy

The birthday boy was more interested in getting out of his chair than eating his cake.

IMG_1622 copy

More Daddy camera pictures.

IMG_1653 copyIMG_1658 copy

I thought it was cool, each baby/child had their own cup with their name on it.  So thoughtful!

IMG_1668 copy

IMG_1680 copy

It was such a great party and a perfect day.  We had the best time. 

I hope you had a fantastic weekend too!!

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