Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Down on the Farm

If there is one place I LOVE taking pictures of, it is the farm.  I love the grassy field, the trees, the old cars, the old wood barn, the farm house, the fence, the gate, the dirt roads, I LOVE taking pictures our there.  They are just my style.  I was so anxious to get out there and practice with my new toy.  I took some pictures I really loved, but also realized a lot of things I need to work on…SCORE!  Learning something new every time I pick up my camera is exactly what I wanted.

IMG_1717 copy

I have found that I prefer close up shots.  Like the closer I can get to my subject, the better.  Although I have to say I kind of like this one too.


See what I am talking about!?  I love that you can see the texture of the grass blades.  Yes, my hubby thought I was loosing my mind as I laid down in the grass to get the right shot that I was hoping for…gotta do what ya gotta do right?!

IMG_1732 copy

Those trees…oh those trees. 

IMG_1755 copy

I am not sure what type of weed this is, but it is so pretty.  In fact I think we had some fake ones in our house when I was growing up.

IMG_1763 copy

The rusted nails made for an interesting picture.

IMG_1777 copy

I’m not a berry fan, though I have heard snakes love them.  But the red from the berry stood out against all the green in the field. And there was a bug to focus on so that made it even more fun for me.

IMG_1780 copy

More grass.

IMG_1790a copy

The barn, my favorite to shoot.


Old car, hubby told me this car he used to drive around the farm, way before “driving age”.

IMG_1798 copy

Barn again.

IMG_1801 copy

The gate.

IMG_1804 copy

Hard to see but there is a farm house behind all those trees.

IMG_1815 copy

My MIL has the biggest Rose bush I’ve ever seen…and I do not think she does a whole lot to it.  But the blooms on it are amazing.  I think she said she counted about 76 roses.

IMG_1818 copy


This puppy had my heart.  He/she (because I cannot remember which one this is) kept sticking their nose through the fence wanting me to pet them.  So sweet!


There are talks about cleaning up the farm, this makes me sad.  Sad only because I LOVE taking pictures over there so much.  But I understand the reasoning behind it, I just hope after the cleanup there will be something to replace my favorite picture taking spot so I can continue to take pictures *wink wink*

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